Making art is my way of thinking about the world. There are always thoughts going on in my head and I like to try to get them out in pictures. On these pages I have organized my artwork by subject.

Environment I

These are original paintings about environmental problems such as habitat loss and climate change. As someone who loves the outdoors and nature these subjects are very important to me. Over many years I have watched wildlife habitat disappearing in the area we live, and I feel the absence of these areas deeply.

Environment II

This is a series which continues the same thoughts. I decided to pair animals with cut trees to explore these subjects more. These images are digital collage/paintings which I have been learning how to make using books on digital art and lots of trial and error.

Landscape and Wildlife

Here you will find bird portraits and landscapes I have done over the years. The most recent ones are also digital collage/paintings.


Sometimes I want to paint something that is in my head like an idea or a dream.


A few years ago I illustrated a book called “Migration” by Brian Morse. I used this as an opportunity to learn how to combine collage and painting on the computer.

Abstract and Collage Papers

Sometimes, I want the materials - like paint, paper, and canvas - to be my subject.

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